Have you put on some unwanted weight? Not feeling as “in shape” as you want to be? Tired of trying different “diets” but not seeing the results you want?

Stop wasting your time, work with a health and fitness expert with years of proven success helping people JUST LIKE YOU accomplish their goals.

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About Tundra Fitness

A uniquely personal, training experience. Working along side an industry expert you’ll receive the attention and accountability needed to make your goals reality. Come to our private training facility where we will take you though the process of transforming your body and life FOR GOOD! Rest assured you will not be allowed to fail, working with Tundra Fitness, your goals are within reach.


Meet Your Trainer

Logan Ammirati - Founder & Certified Personal Trainer

Logan uses his passion for exercise, as well as numerous years in the fitness industry, to design specific workout programs that help his clients develop proper exercise technique and expand their own knowledge of exercise function. Through his continuing education in kinesiology and exercise science, Logan is driven to attain the knowledge required to better help those he trains. He believes that with strong goals and genuine enthusiasm anything can be achieved in the gym.

Logan’s training advice

Never over complicate training. No one needs to spend hours in the gym to have an amazing physique. Pick movements that are effective at working what you want to train and that you can feel. Then just train those few movements really really hard. Sometimes you just need to go back to the basics.

Logan’s nutrition advice

At the end of that day the best diet or nutrition plan for each person is the one that you can stick to. Consistency is all that matters and is what is most likely keeping you from your desired results. Find what works for you and just do the same thing over and over and you will have sucess.
Logan Professional


Make a lasting impact by improving your knowledge of health and fitness. We want to better your understanding of why we do what we do. Application should be a lifestyle.
Workout Program
You will receive a personally built our workout plan. It will detail everything you need to do each day to succeed. This plan with change and grow with you as you achieve your goals.
In-Person Guidance
In our private training studio we will work together to improve your exercise technique. We will also do comprehensive assessments to make sure we are progressing.
We are partners in generating success. Using multiple tools to ensure you stay on top of completing each step to achieve your goals. Your progress will be tracked along the way in our custom fitness app.
What you put in your body is more important that anything else. We will work together to make sure you are set up with a custom eating plan that is sustainable, enjoyable and produces the results you want.
Our whole process is designed to produce the results YOU want. Fitness, however, is a lifelong pursuit. We will make sure you always have something to motivate you to be the best.

See What Others Have Accomplished

“I have had my best results after working with Tundra Fitness. If you are looking for a great trainer, I definitely recommend them.”
“Can’t recommend enough. It makes a world of difference to have a team this knowledgeable guiding you.”
“Tundra is great! They’ve provided not only the information that I needed to be successful. in reaching my goals, but also the accountability.”