More than just a 'before and after'

Why results matter?

Anyone can put together a workout routine and try to motivate. What separates average trainers from great ones is the ability to produce lasting results for their clients.

At Tundra Fitness making the changes you want to see a reality is our main goal. Regardless of the real reason why you want to make the change you should see physical changes for the physical work you put in. Let's get to work together!

Better your body, better yourself

Now is the time to make those changes and take action to make the change you've been wanting. Reach out to get results like some of our great clients below.

8 weeks
8lbs muscle gain
16 weeks
40lbs lost
12 weeks
10lbs muscle gain

Client success

"One of the best investments I've made! I can't say enough about Tundra Fitness. They've helped me elevate my workouts to the next level. Being a former Division 1 athlete I was skeptical about hiring a personal trainer. After my first workout I realized how beneficial training would be. The coaching has increased my lean body mass, strength, speed, agility and flexibility.. Tundra helped me unlock potential I didn't know I was capable of achieving."

Tim P Tundra fitness Client


Drop in body fat


Lean muscle gained


Week transformation
16 weeks
10% BF reduction
12 weeks
8lbs muscle gain
16 weeks
12% BF reduction
16 weeks
40lbs lost
12 weeks
30lbs lost
20 weeks
65lbs lost
10 weeks
20 lbs Body Recomp

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