A world-class personal training experience built around you

How personal training with us works

Since day one our main focus has been to provide a high quality and transparent experience for each and every person.

Keep it simple, to achieve the best results you don’t need fancy tricks, just hard work and consistency. With an easy to understand program you’ll just have to get to work, and we will WORK. Plan on being pushed but having fun along the way.

What results can you expect?

At Tundra Fitness the very first thing we do is sit down face-to-face with each person and get to know them, their life and exactly what they want to accomplish and why. Every step of the way we will work to make those goals you have a reality. The results you can expect are exactly what you want and more.

We have years of experience working with all different types of clients and life situations. Be confident we can help you.

The best investment you can make

In your life you only get one body, make the right investments now to ensure a happy, healthy and long life.

Make a lasting impact by improving your knowledge of health and fitness. We want to better your understanding of why we do what we do.
Every one of our trainers works each year to improve their knowledge and skills so they can better serve each client.
Utilizing the best and most efficient equipment we will keep your workouts fresh and exciting.
We are partners in generating success. Using multiple tools to ensure you stay on top of completing each step to achieve your goals.
Your results are shown by much more than a number on a scale. With comprehensive body composition assessment you will be able to better visualize your results and stay motivated.
Our whole process is designed to produce the results YOU want. Fitness, however, is a lifelong pursuit. We will make sure you always have something to motivate you to be the best.

Track every metric, every step of the journey

Using a state of the art fitness app you will be able to see real time progress. All of your fitness data will be in one place, from workout progress to meal tracking, you will be able to see what you have to do to succeed.

There is so much value in knowing where you are at. This keeps you motivated and constantly pushing through plateaus.

Client results

8 weeks
8lbs muscle gain
16 weeks
40lbs lost
12 weeks
10lbs muscle gain

Ready to start your fitness journey?

Book your free consultation with our team and we can tailor a results-focused program around your goals.