Guaranteed fat Loss Results

If you have been struggling to loose that unwanted body fat, turn to the body transformation experts at Tundra Fitness. With years of experience you will receive the tools you need to guarantee success.

Why is losing body fat so difficult?

On paper reducing your bodyfat is simple, strength train to gain some muscle and consume less calories than you burn.

However, sometimes that is easier said than done. We will work hand in hand and provide you a structured plan that makes it simple.

No one wants to spend hours doing cardio or staving themselves on super restrictive diets. Let's find that happy medium of what you need to accomplish your goals and what you enjoy. Being healthy should be a lifestyle and part of who you are not just something you do.

Fat loss myths

Fat loss is a process, there is no magic to it.

Every single person will have to do similar things at the end of the day to reduce their bodyfat. The biggest driving factor in having success is consistency, we will make sure all these common myths stay that way we use science based techniques to generate results.

‘I can’t loose fat because of my genetics.’

‘I need expensive supplements to help me loose fat.’

‘I have to stick to a crazy strict diet and do hours of cardio to see fat loss.’

Following a simple paint by numbers plan, you will be tracking your workouts and nutrition to ensure nothing but the success you want to see. Walk away with the results you want and the knowledge to keep them.

Why choose Tundra Fitness?

Maximum results, minimum time

If you want to finally achieve your fat loss goals, no personal training business on the planet can demonstrate the depth and consistency of results for clients better than we can.

8 weeks
8lbs muscle gain
16 weeks
40lbs lost
12 weeks
10lbs muscle gain

The facts about fat loss and muscle gain

Lower body fat means more than looking good. Whether you are a man or a woman, building muscle and losing fat will help you transform your body's shape. But the benefits of improving your body composition go way beyond pure aesthetics. Science shows us that growing lean muscle can help to improve every measure of health imaginable as you age:

There is no ideal bodyweight. While some body fat is essential to sustain life, it is generally thought that a healthy bodyfat percentage for males is 8-20% and for females is 13-25%. Building muscle helps keep a healthy body fat % and reduces long term risks of heart related diseases.

As you strength train and your muscles grow your bones and joint become stronger to keep up. There is countless amounts of research showing that building muscle improves quality of life and reduces risk of injury especially as you age.

There is a direct relationship between muscular fit individuals and their brain function. Contrary to the stereotypical “meathead” more muscle equates healthy hormone and brain function in the body.

Being able to make yourself more insulin sensitive is one of the most important factors that contribute to in-gym performance and maintaining a healthy body weight. The more lean muscle you have the more insulin sensitive you become.

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