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At Tundra Fitness we will make your goal of building more lean muscle happen. Believe it or not, it's not as complicated as you think.

Why is building muscle so difficult?

Muscle building is straightforward in principle, but it is challenging in practice.

Everybody has the potential to build muscle, but we see so many people waste years in the gym and get nowhere.

After the first flush of ‘beginner gains’ when they first start out weight training, progress stalls, results stagnate, and frustration sets in. As the world’s leading body transformation experts, we will ensure you avoid the most common pitfalls along the way.

Muscle building myths

Muscle building is a process, there is no magic to it.

Anyone has the ability to develop a muscular or ‘toned’ body, but many people fall prey to the many muscle building myths and misconceptions that muddy the waters.

‘I can’t build muscle because of my genetics.’

‘I need expensive supplements to grow muscle.’

‘I have to ‘bulk’ to gain size first.’

Following a simple paint by numbers plan, you will be tracking your workouts and nutrition to ensure nothing but the success you want to see.

Why choose Tundra Fitness?

Maximum results, minimum time

If you want to build serious muscle, no personal training business on the planet can demonstrate the depth and consistency of results for clients better than we can.

16 weeks
10% BF reduction
12 weeks
8lbs muscle gain
16 weeks
12% BF reduction

The facts about muscle building

Muscle means more than looking good. Whether you are a man or a woman, building muscle and losing fat will help you transform your body's shape. But the benefits of improving your body composition go way beyond pure aesthetics. Science shows us that growing lean muscle can help to improve every measure of health imaginable as you age:

There is no ideal bodyweight. While some body fat is essential to sustain life, it is generally thought that a healthy bodyfat percentage for males is 8-20% and for females is 13-25%. Building muscle helps keep a healthy body fat % and reduces long term risks of heart related diseases.

As you strength train and your muscles grow your bones and joint become stronger to keep up. There is countless amounts of research showing that building muscle improves quality of life and reduces risk of injury especially as you age.

There is a direct relationship between muscular fit individuals and their brain function. Contrary to the stereotypical “meathead” more muscle equates healthy hormone and brain function in the body.

Being able to make yourself more insulin sensitive is one of the most important factors that contribute to in-gym performance and maintaining a healthy body weight. The more lean muscle you have the more insulin sensitive you become.

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