Meet the trainers

Logan Ammirati

Founder, Owner, CEO

Logan uses his passion for exercise, as well as numerous years in the fitness industry, to design specific workout programs that help his clients develop proper exercise technique and expand their own knowledge of exercise function. Through his continuing education in kinesiology and exercise science, Logan is driven to attain the knowledge required to better help those he trains. He believes that with strong goals and genuine enthusiasm anything can be achieved in the gym.

Logan’s Training Advice

Never over complicate training. No one needs to spend hours in the gym to have an amazing physique. Pick movements that are effective at working what you want to train and that you can feel. Then just train those few movements really really hard. Sometimes you just need to go back to the basics.

Logan’s Nutrition Advice

At the end of that day the best diet or nutrition plan for each person is the one that you can stick to. Consistency is all that matters and is what is most likely keeping you from your desired results. Find what works for you and just do the same thing over and over and you will have sucess.

Taylor Burke

Certified Personal Trainer, Online Only

Taylor has 10 years of healthcare experience which has helped him see the tremendous benefits of diet and exercise. He uses these experiences to help his clients improve their physical fitness and overall health by teaching them anatomy and physiology, as well as get appropriate science based information to help realize their goals. He has a firm belief that working harder and smarter will get the best results not only in the gym but in life as well.

Taylor’s Training Advice

Learn and understand how to balance your aspirations with your limitations. It’s good to want to improve yourself, but you have to be realistic with what you can do and the time that it takes. Having smaller obtainable goals will help you build momentum and experience for those bigger goals.

Taylor’s Nutrition Advice

What you eat can affect not just your body, but also your mind. Food is your friend, not your enemy. Having proper nutrition will help fuel you for your workouts, improve your learning, and enhance your recovery.

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